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We have been supplying rebuilt components for Euclid haul trucks for over thirty years. We consistently stock rebuilt parts such as planetary assemblies, differentials, hydraulic cylinders, etc. for Euclid trucks ranging from the 20 ton to the 90 ton.

Our location just south of Chicago helps us ship parts and components worldwide both quickly and cost effective. If you have Euclid Hitachi Trucks in your fleet, and need parts, fill out an Online Quote Request Today!

Euclid Parts - R12 - R25 Series Trucks (FD Series)

Euclid R20 - 97FD

Euclid R22 - 103FD, 203FD, 207FD

Euclid R25 - 215FD


Euclid Parts - R27 - R40 (TD Series)

Euclid R35 - 201TD, 301TD, 312TD, 324TD

Euclid R40 - 402TD, 404TD, 406TD, 412TD


Euclid Parts - R50-R90 (LD and ND Series)

Euclid R50 - 201LD, 301LD, 312LD, 324LD

Euclid R60 - 402LD, 404LD, 406LD, 412LD, 422LD

Euclid R85 - 306ND

Euclid R85B- 316ND

Euclid R90 more